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January 10, 2010 Thosw Elevated Ferret Warning
November 30, 2009 Eblis Mos Eisley: Winner of Home and Garden's 2005 "Most Improved Hive of Scum and Villany" award
May 14 Jack Snap Prescription decaf
March 14 Anonymous Prime Salsa shark
January 26 frank Vulcan secret handshake
March 5, 2008 anon Ventriloquism for Dummies
October 18, 2007 Thosw "Out Of Cheese" Error
June 12 bf A representative from the bologna industry
May 29 J Crowley I bet you'd never guess that the surpise in my meatloaf surprise was live bees and nitroglycerine
March 26 Rothul Check here if you are Dom DeLouise
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